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Building high-quality seawalls with quality materials, advanced technology and experienced craftsmanship is important. Our concrete seawalls are a good fit for any waterfront project. We use reinforced concrete panels with a poured in place cap. Using a barge, we can accomplish the majority of the project working from the water; therefore, minimizing the damage done to your property.


We offer precast concrete panels ranging from 8 ft. long to 20 ft. long and 5 inches thick to 12 inches thick, for various applications and water depths. The cap is formed and poured after installation and reinforced with 4 pieces of epoxy coated rebar. Epoxy coated tiebacks encased in poly pipe and poured in concrete deadmen  are used to secure the wall from leaning or collapsing.



Rely on the professionals to create a durable and cost efficient seawall.


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